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Oud Mafia

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Oud Mafia, captures the soul of the wearer. This new creation signed by nose Véronique Nybergproves to be a sophisticated and complex work.

Oud Mafia, where unity, movement and passion converge in a unique vision. At the heart of this essence is oud, the liquid gold extracted from exotic trees, which blends harmoniously with notes of frankincense to create a warm embrace.
Oud Mafia is more than just a fragrance; it is a movement of enthusiasts celebrating the diversity of cultures united by the same passion.

Ingredients: saffron flower, nutmeg, white thyme, cistus, gurjun balm, incense, oud, vetiver, orcanox, patchouli gayo.

Eau de Parfum.

100 ml spray.

Made in Italy.

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