ACT STORE undertakes to respect and implement all current European directives regarding the protection of privacy and data security.

ACT STORE saves only and exclusively the data provided by customers and visitors, ie those indispensable for placing an order or e-mail address if you wish to register for the newsletter service.

Credit card data is processed exclusively by banking institutions on secure servers. ACT STORE does not record any data relating to credit cards in its archives.

Only the data necessary to manage the order fulfillment process in total security are saved.

No person external to the ACT STORE has access to this data. We do not transfer data to third parties, nor will your data be sold or exchanged. ACT STORE is the only one to use the data you provide and does so in complete safety and with complete respect for privacy.
In the case of payment through the PayPal platform, your shipping address is communicated to PayPal, so as to meet the security criteria required by this platform.

The data management system is secure: all data is saved on servers that meet the highest security standards. ACT STORE is constantly committed to protecting and keeping them safe and does not allow access to people outside the company or unauthorized.

ACT STORE uses cookies. Cookies are text files that contain information about your browsing on a site and are saved on the hard drive of the computer you are browsing. The use of cookies is conditioned by the browser you use to navigate. Most browsers automatically accept cookies but at any time you can choose to do without them by changing your browser preferences. However, this may entail some limitations in the use of our site. These do not allow access to your computer or your data and contain only information relating to your browsing on our site.

ACT STORE uses third-party services and tools that in turn use cookies. ACT STORE uses Google Analytics (with anonymous IP), a very widespread tool that allows you to analyze the activities related to the navigation of a site: number of pages visited, number of visitors per page, language spoken by visitors, time spent on one given page, etc. The information collected by Google Analytics cookies are saved anonymously, transmitted and stored on Google Inc. servers, for the purpose of compiling reports on the traffic and the activities of a site for use by the site operators. ACT STORE also uses tools made available by the most common social networks (Facebook and Instagram), which, in turn, make use of cookies, in order to allow sharing of the contents on our site to users who use them. For further clarification you can check the policies of the individual social networks.

These conditions govern the sale and supply of products online by ACT STORE to the public. ACT STORE can change these conditions at will in the future. Any changes to the current conditions will be communicated and / or updated through this page to users and will take effect immediately upon their publication on the site. Please visit this page constantly for updates.